Pregnancy is the ultimate cause of confusion in women. On the one hand is the intense love for their children coupled with the pride and satisfaction as they grow and develop. On the other hand they don’t like the change it brings to their bodies. They yearn for those days of the youthful, sexy silhouette. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent says that there is “nothing like the change in attitude that women feel after undergoing a tummy tuck.” Women tell him all the time after Tummy Tuck’s, how free and uninhibited they now feel now that their stomach’s are flat again and they don’t feel the need to hide there abdomen’s from their husband’s and boyfriends. In Los Angeles, Abdominoplasty, also know as a Tummy Tuck, has led many women to comment that they feel they have obtained the best of both worlds, the pride and joy of motherhood and the self-confidence their new shape gives them. The basic goal of a Tummy Tuck is three-fold: 1. Get rid of the stretched out, excess skin of the lower Abdomen, 2. Tighten the Abdominal muscles, and 3. Improve the shape of one’s waist and restore the ‘hour-glass’ figure. Perhaps the most important benefit though, is the psychological one; when we improve our self-image, we improve our self-confidence. Strong self-confidence leads to success in all areas of life, be it our love-life, social life or professional life.

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