Remember that scar tissue can form not just outside on your skin but also inside, where the surgery was performed. This occurs both as a normal consequence of any surgery but also is part of the body’s recognition that it now has something foreign inside it. That scar tissue, also known as a capsule, can squeeze and distort the implant, if it gets too thick. Massage has long been known to soften and decrease scarring and this concept can be applied to the breasts as well. Think of the old spy movies where the hero was trapped by the villain in a room with walls that are slowing moving in, attempting to squash the protagonist. The hero fully extends his arms and legs to hold back the wall from its drive to crush him, and of course, the hero was always able to save himself. Well just like our hero, breast massage can be used to push back at any encroaching scar tissue keeping the breast soft and natural. The easiest way to perform proper breast massage is to use the implant to do the work. Here in Beverly Hills, breast augmentation results have been dramatically improved by the use of massage in the year after surgery.

This is accomplished by placing your hand under the breast as close to the chest wall as possible and firmly squeezing the breast tissue between your thumb and index finger while forcing the implant (depicted in red in the diagram) up and out of your hand. This causes the implant to push out against any forming capsule, creating an internal massage of the breasts. This should be done several times to each breast, at least twice a day, for one year after breast augmentation. Good breast massage, coupled with good surgical technique can leave women with soft and natural looking breasts.

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