Proper instruction is an important element when getting people ready for plastic surgery here in Los Angeles. Several key areas of instruction include, which medications not to take and which are o.k. to take. Please see my previous blog on aspirin. We generally ask patients to stop all medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin, Motrin and Coumadin, for at least two weeks before surgery and for two weeks after. Often we will allow patients to take their blood pressure medications, with a sip of water, on the morning of surgery. Another key instruction is that patients should not eat or drink anything for at least eight hours prior to surgery that is being done with general or sedation (twilight) type anesthesia. In this situation we want the stomach empty, so that nothing can get back up into the lungs when the patient is being put to sleep. Another important instruction, that I like to give my patients here in Beverly Hills, is that they should take a shower, with an antibacterial soap, on the morning of surgery, before they come over to the hospital or surgery center. This helps reduce the amount of natural bacteria on the skin, thus reducing the risk of infection. Also patients should wear loose fitting clothes, that are easy to get on, and flat shoes on the day of the procedure. These are some of the key instruction that patients should know about. There maybe many others that pertain to your specific situation so feel free to discuss this with me when you come in for a consultation.

Warren M. Lent, MD

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