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After Beverly Hills Bariatric Surgery

Considering body contouring in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles? Patients who have had Bariatric surgery can truly feel proud of their accomplishments.  About 6 to 12 months after undergoing a Gastric Bypass Surgery or the Lap Band procedure they can look at themselves with pride as their efforts have paid off with better health and appearance.  Often however, at this stage patients complain about changes to their bodies associated with the dramatic weight loss, particularly in the abdominal area, breasts, thighs, arms and face.  Not to worry, as each of these areas can be corrected with specialized plastic surgery designed to restore your self confidence and body image. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lent has, what has been estimated to be, one of the countries most extensive experience with patients who have undergone Bariatric surgery and need subsequent restorative surgery.

The most common area of complaint is the lower abdomen where excess skin commonly builds up leading to chronic rashes, foul odor and hygiene problems.  Often this problem is accompanied by a hernia, a hole in the muscle, in the area of the incision.  Both of these problems can be solved with a reconstructive procedure, commonly called an Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, which removes the offending redundant skin and repairs the hernia at the same time.  Often this procedure is covered by health insurance.

The next most common area of concern for patients following Bariatric surgery is the breasts.  Patients may complain of changes that leave them with a loss of size or shape for which Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) might be the answer.  Patients often complain of still being too large leading to back, neck and shoulder pain for which a Breast Reduction would be the best solution and may be covered by your health insurance.

Other areas where excess skin is a concern, such as the upper arms and thighs, can be treated with an Arm Reduction (Brachioplasty) or a Thigh Lift.  Even the face can be affected for which a Facelift, Eyelid procedure (Blepharoplasty) or Laser Resurfacing just might do the trick.

Don’t despair, for no matter what area of the body you are seeking to correct after the weight loss from Bariatric surgery, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Lent has the extensive experience to correct the problem.  “My goal is for my patients to be able to look in the mirror and feel the confidence associated with a new, improved body image.”

This Beverly Hills double board certified plastic surgeon specializes in body lifts and body contouring for patients in the Los Angeles area.