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Considering a tummy tuck by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon? Ever wonder where the old you has gone? Ever just wish that you could have that old body shape back? Perhaps because of pregnancies, weight loss or just the aging process, you have seen a dramatic change in the shape of your abdomen. Some of those changes may include loose or hanging skin of the lower abdomen, rashes or hygiene problems developing under that fold of skin, protrusion of the abdominal muscles due to weakening or stretching of those muscles or an accumulation of excess fat. If these are the issues that are troubling you, then a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty may be the answer. Contact us today for a Los Angeles Plastic Surgery consultation for a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills.

Tummy Tuck: Part 1 � The Problem

In this video, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, guides you through a general overview of the Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure. In easy to understand language, he describes the major problems that cause both men and women to seek repair of their abdomens. He also gives an overview of how the procedure specifically corrects these problems.

The main goals of a Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck are to remove the excess, loose skin and fat of the lower abdomen and to tighten the abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty offers the best chance to have as flat an abdomen and as narrow a waist as possible. The procedure unlocks the potential that is there. The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon can make all the difference in feeling and looking like your old self. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has extensive experience in Abdominoplasty, having performed well over 1500 Tummy Tucks.

A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is ideal for people with the following:

  • Loose, hanging skin of the lower abdomen
  • A protruding abdomen due to weakened muscles
  • Chronic rashes or hygiene problems due to the fold of excess skin
  • Deposit of excess fat in the lower abdomen with skin that has lost its elasticity
  • After significant weight loss, pregnancy or abdominal surgery

A Tummy Tuck is performed by first carefully marking the patient while they are standing. Careful pre-operative marking is essential to guiding the surgery to success. The procedure begins just above the pubis, by lifting the skin off the muscle from the pubic bone up to the bottom of the ribs. This releases the skin to allow the lower abdominal excess to be removed and the upper abdominal skin to be stretched downward to fill in the space from where the skin is removed. It also allows the surgeon, Dr. Lent, to easily visualize the stretched out, thinned or separated muscles and to tighten them. Although the procedure does require an incision, Dr. Lent's experience and intimate understanding of the patient's anatomy and body contours will allow the scar to be well hidden in a bikini bathing suit or even skimpy underwear. Like all procedures, Abdominoplasty does carry risks, including the risk of infection, bleeding and the risk from anesthetics. It is important to note that under the care of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, great care will be taken to avoid or minimize these risks.

In addition to a Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck, many patients also consider Liposuction, either as an alternative or in addition to Abdominoplasty. Combined with a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction can give patients optimal results for the flattest possible abdomen. Many patients also undergo procedures on other parts of the body, which are designed to create an overall well-balanced shape. These include, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Thigh Lift and Arm Lift.

One additional alternative to a Tummy tuck is a "Mini"-Tummy Tuck. The procedure is for selected candidates who only need tightening of the lower section of the abdomen. Only the area below the belly button is treated by the use of a shorter horizontal incision to remove excess skin. The belly button remains unchanged.

To best understand all of your options, a full consultation with Beverly Hills Abdominoplasty surgeon, Warren M. Lent, MD is recommended. For further details on each of the Los Angeles Plastic surgery aspect of a Tummy Tuck, Dr. Lent invites you to visit his collection of articles in his Tummy Tuck Information Center.