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In the eyes of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr Warren Lent, Balance! Balance is the key word to understanding what makes facial appearance most appealing. Balance between all of the facial parts such that all of the features seem properly matched and well proportioned. When one part is too large or another part too small, facial appearance seems out of balance. One of the most common examples is the relationship between the nose and chin, as seen in profile, where the nose is too large and the chin appears too small. The small chin can seem to exaggerate the length of the nose. The proper use of facial implants can be an excellent way to restore facial balance.

There are several areas Beverly Hills facial implants can be used, including the chin with chin implants, the jaw, cheeks with beverly hills cheek implants and the nose. The chin is the most common site where implants are used followed by the cheeks.

Beverly Hills chin implants and jaw implants are used to create a balanced relationship between the nose and chin, especially when viewed in profile. A chin that is too small or weak, makes the nose appear to stick out too far, appearing to be too long or pointed. During your initial consultation, Dr. Warren Lent, Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, will carefully evaluate the relationship between your nose, lip and chin. As part of the evaluation an imaginary line is drawn down from the mid-nose, touching the front edge of your lip and extending down in front of the chin. The position and size of the chin is measured in relationship to this line. In a man, the chin should be just touching this imaginary line and in a woman, the chin can be up to 3 millimeters behind this line. This relationship is a good place to start when evaluating the need for a chin implant.

Chin augmentation is usually performed by placing a small incision inside the lower lip or in the crease, which is hidden under the chin. A space or pocket is created under the soft tissues of the chin, on top of the bone, where the implant is positioned. The incision is closed and sutures are removed in approximately one week. The plastic surgery procedure is most commonly performed under sedation or general anesthesia.

Beverly Hills Cheek implants are most commonly used in one of two situations; either to restore the flattening of the mid-cheeks that can occur with aging or weight loss or to enhance the outer cheeks, giving a higher, fuller or more rounded appearance. Flattening of the mid-cheeks is one of the earliest signs of the aging process as we actually lose facial fat as we age. This can be seen when one reaches their 40's. Beverly Hills Cheek implants can be an excellent solution for those people who want correction of the aging process, but are not yet candidates for a facelift. Fuller cheeks can make one appear younger. If you think about young children, it is their cute, full cheeks that are one of the hallmarks of youth. Cheek implants can also be placed in conjunction with a facelift. Many others seek out Beverly Hills cheek augmentation to achieve that high cheekbone appearance.

Cheek implants are most frequently put in through small incisions placed just inside the upper lip. A pocket to accommodate the implant is created by elevating the soft tissues off the cheekbone. The incisions are closed with either absorbable sutures or with sutures that are removed approximately one week after the procedure. The procedure is most commonly performed by using either sedation or general anesthesia.

Beverly Hills Facial implants can be an excellent method of creating facial balance, restoring symmetry or achieving a more youthful look. These procedures are generally considered safe, yet like all medical treatment, there are risks. The risks include bleeding, infection, movement or shift in position of the implant and the risk of anesthesia. Under the care of a Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, such as Dr. Warren Lent, great efforts will be taken to minimize the potential for these risks.

Beverly Hills Facial implants may be just one component to an overall plan to improve the appearance of one's face. You may want to consider a Rhinoplasty to improve the shape of your nose, Laser Eyelid Surgery to improve the appearance of your eyes, a Facelift to restore a youthful appearance to the lower face and neck, or Laser Skin Resurfacing to eliminate fine wrinkles. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has performed thousands of these procedures with great success. To best understand all of your options, a full consultation with Dr. Warren Lent is recommended.

This Beverly Hills double board certified plastic surgeon specializes in facial implants for patients in the Los Angeles area.