Beverly Hills Fat Injections

The hottest subject in the plastic surgery world for the past few years has unquestionably been the subject of how best to smooth facial lines and wrinkles and how best to create fuller lips. Several new generations of injectable fillers, such as Collagen and Hylaform (Restylane) have been invented, but all suffer from the same problem; they are not permanent solutions and are quickly absorbed by the body. They also carry the risk of allergic reactions. Synthetic materials, such as Gortex, have been tried as a solution, but are associated with a whole host of potential problems, most notably a rejection reaction by the body. Board Certified, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has known for years that the best solution is always to use the patient's own tissue. The most readily available material is fat cells.

Fat cells can be transferred from one part of the body to the other. Fat is living tissue just like any other part of the body such as skin and muscle. Just as skin can be transfered from one location of the body to another as a skin graft, so can fat. As with a skin graft, new tiny blood vessels, capillaries, will grow and attach to the living fat cells, thus keeping them alive. The transplanted fat can therefore be a permanent and natural solution for the treatment of facial lines and thin lips.

Fat transfer procedures offer patients great versatility. Beverly Hills Fat injections can be used to treat the nasolabial folds, the deep lines around the mouth, marionette lines, the deep lines that form at the corners of the mouth, deep wrinkles that develop between the eyebrows, sunken cheeks, thin lips and just about any other location of concern.

Fat transfer can usually be performed in an office setting, requiring a small surgical procedure to harvest the fat cells. This can be done by first numbing the area with local anesthesia. After the fat cells are removed, they are allowed to separate from the bodies other fluids and then are injected just under the lines needing correction. It is important for patients to understand that they will likely need multiple treatments as with each treatment a significant portion of the fat will be absorbed by the body prior to the attachment of the new capillaries. The average patient requires two to three treatment sessions to achieve a permanent result.

Fat transfer in Los Angeles is an excellent method for restoring facial youthfulness. It can be done quickly with little or no down time, no loss of work, and no need to reschedule social activities. Patients also do not need to worry about allergic reactions as, unlike other injectables, this is from their own body. Fat injections are considered safe, but like all medical procedures there is some risks, such as bleeding, infection, bruising, lumpiness or dimpling at the donor site.

Fat injection can be the perfect compliment to many Plastic Surgical procedures done for the treatment of facial aging. Fat grafting can be performed in conjunction with a Facelift, with a Forehead/Brow Lift , with Laser Eyelid Surgery , with Laser Skin Resurfacing, and with Facial Implants . Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lent, has performed thousands of these procedures with great success. Fat injections can be done at the same time or separately from other cosmetic surgical procedures. To best understand all of your options, a full consultation with Dr. Warren Lent is recommended.