Dr Lent and staff,
Like the butterflies on the front of this card, I, too, feel as though I have emerged from a cacoon a new, beautiful creature! Thank you for your kindness and attentiveness before, during and after surgery. May God bless you during the holiday season and all year round.

I want to thank you so very much on doing such a great job on my Breast Reduction! I have never been so proud of my breasts. I was always embarassed of my breasts because they were always so large. People always made rude comments, comments that I thought were rude, about my breast and it made me feel so insecure. Now they are perfect and I have you to thank for that Dr. Lent. Also thank you for the insurance arrangement. If you didn't do it that way I wouldn't have the perfect breast I do today.
Thanks again Dr. Lent,

How can I ever thank you for the beautiful job you've done. It's wonderful. I can't believe there is such a difference. You have taken 18 years off my life-Thank you! Thank you for making my stay in the hospital an easy one. Your kindness and wonderful bedside manner made my fears not so worrysome.
Many Thanks again,
MaryAnn H.
P.S. Please tell Henny that I appreciated her kindness and prayers. You both have a warm place in my heart.

Thanks very much.
Thanks immensely.
Thanks a bundle.
Thanks intensely!

And thank you again for your wonderful work
& the way you and your staff treated me. I will forever
be happy with my new eyes.
Evelyn R.


Dr. Lent, thank you for all you have done for me with my surgeries."
"Henny, thank your for your support and kindness with all my surgeries.

Thank you for making my dreams
come true by giving me such a
natural look with my facelift.
I am very happy and pleased with
your work and with you.
Thank you,
Priscilla A.

Dear Dr. Lent,
I want to take a moment to thank you for everything.
I love how I look.

Just to thank you for your kindness to me, not to mention your great 'body work'. Dr. Lent, you were right the whole time, and I thank you. Henny & Gina, you girls treat me like a long dear friend, not like a client who just happened to be in your office.
Best Regards,
Christine C.

My family and friends can't believe how great I look. Even new people I meet can't tell I've had surgery! Dr. Lent is a true professional. If you are even considering reconstructive surgery. I recommend you see him.
Note: Rodrigo Hernandez is 25 years old and is the "Morning Show Assistant" for KOST 103.5's "Mark & Kim Show" - which is currently the longest running morning show team in Los Angeles. Rodrigo loves following World Wrestling Federation, enjoys magic (huge fan of David Copperfield), biking and acting. His favorite cartoon character is Dumbo.

The best doctor I've ever had in my life (except my Dad).

Thank you so much for the outstanding patient care you have given me. You are an excellent doctor who shows not only professional expertise but also a friendly compassion.

I am truly pleased with the result of my rhinoplasty. You did exactly what I desired without compromising my nose's natural appearance and for this I will be eternally grateful.

I want to show my appreciation for all you have done and to inform you that your goal of making me happy has been achieved.