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Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed. Its popularity increases every year, especially as implant companies' work to constantly improve the safety of breast implants. As the population of women who have had breast enlargement increases, so do the number of women who wish to make changes to their breast implants. There are many reasons a woman might wish to make a change, including:

  • Capsular Contractures
  • Breakage or leakage of Silicone implants
  • Deflation of Saline implants
  • Change the size of the current implants, either to larger or smaller implants
  • Dissatisfaction with the results of the original procedure

Beverly Hills Breast implant revision can offer a solution to many of these problems. When considering breast implant revision, remember that you are a unique individual and that your particular problem is unique. This requires a careful, detailed consultation with your Board Certified Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Warren Lent, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, will help you by creating a unique plan which addresses your specific needs.

If your problem is a Capsular Contracture, a hard scar inside the breast, formed around the implant, you may require an operation, which removes the capsule, replaces the implant and/or repositions the implant in a new "pocket" behind the breast and muscle. Your doctor may recommend any combination of these components.

If your problem is due to the breakage or leaking of a Silicone implant, you will likely require an attempt to remove all of the old Silicone material. This can be quite difficult, especially where the implant is found to be broken. Again, this may also require the complete or partial removal of the capsule, the repositioning of the new implant into a new "pocket" and exchanging the implant for a new Saline or Silicone implant.

If your problem is secondary to deflation of a Saline implant, you will require the removal of the damaged implant. A new implant can usually be placed in the same previously created "pocket".

If you wish to increase or decrease the size of your old implant, this can often be accomplished by reusing the same "pocket" as was created in the original operation. You should present to your surgeon a clear picture of how large or small you would like the new implant to be. The use of photos and cup sizes will aid in this understanding.

A general dissatisfaction with the original breast augmentation can be due to many different factors, some of which can be changed, while others cannot be changed. Changes related to size and position can usually be changed while changes related to shape often cannot. Remember that your breast are not made of clay and therefore cannot be molded into just any shape. The final shape after breast augmentation is determined by the combination of your starting breast shape and the implants used. Breast will continue to change, even after breast augmentation due to such factors as pregnancy, weight loss or gain and the aging process. One complaint, some women often develop after breast enlargement is sagging, drooping or "ptosis" of the breasts. This can usually be helped with a Breast Lift or Mastopexy.

For further details on each aspect of Beverly Hills Breast Implant Revision, Dr. Lent invites you to visit his collection of articles in his Breast Augmentation Information Center.

This Beverly Hills plastic surgeon specializes in breast revision and breast implant removal for patients in the Los Angeles area.