Plastic Surgery Videos: Procedure Library

Below you will find a series of plastic surgery videos that demonstrating some of the different procedures Dr. Lent performs. The first four videos are of laser eyelid surgery for both the lower eyelids as well as the upper eyelids. Dr. Lent has also included the first part in a series of tummy tuck videos all created to help educate you on his plastic surgery procedures.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Videos:: Part 1 - 4

Lower Eyelids Video: Part 1
Lower Eyelids Video: Part 2
Upper Eyelids Video: Part 3
Upper Eyelids Video: Part 4

Tummy Tuck Video: Part 1



One of America's top surgeons, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, is a double board certified Yale and UCLA educated plastic surgeon. At his Beverly Hills practice, he's performed more than 3000 laser eyelid surgeries, which he believes is the safest and best way to perform eyelid cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Lent has developed a series of short plastic surgery videos to demonstrate the problems that could be solved with this simple procedure safely and easily. Lower laser eyelid plastic surgery can be used to correct bags and dark circles under the eyes that cause a tired appearance.

Laser Eyelid Surgery Videos

Lower Eylids Video: Part 1 - The Problem

In the lower eyelids, the vast majority of patients have too much fat build up behind the lid. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, has developed a unique method of treating this problem with laser eyelid surgery.


Lower Eyelids Video: Part 2 - The Laser Method

Dr. Lent uses the CO2 laser to go behind the eyelid to remove the excess fat. The beauty of the laser is that as it cuts thru tissue it immediately seals or "welds" the blood vessels shut. This method of laser eyelid surgery decreases the risk of bleeding, which is especially important around the eyes. There is generally less bruising and swelling associated with this technique, thus allowing for faster recovery than traditional techniques.


Upper Eyelids Video: Part 3 - The Problem

When folds of skin are too heavy, they can droop down over the rest of the eyelid and even cover a patient's field of vision. With cosmetic surgery or laser eyelid surgery, Dr. Lent is able to make small incisions in the natural folds of the eye to correct and lift the skin around the eye, giving the patient a smooth, natural eye shape.


Upper Eyelids Video: Part 4 - The Laser Method

Dr. Lent also uses the CO2 laser on the upper lids to remove any excess tissue and protruding fat. The incision is placed in the natural crease in order to provide maximal healing and camouflage. As excess skin, muscle and fat are removed with the laser, the blood vessels are again 'welded' shut.

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty Video

Tummy Tuck Video: Part 1 The Problem

In this plastic surgery video, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, guides you through a general overview of the Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure. In easy to understand language, he describes the major problems that cause both men and women to seek repair of their abdomens. He also gives an overview of how the procedure specifically corrects these problems.