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There is a substantial population of women who have a constellation of symptoms related to overly large breasts. These women experience pain in their upper back, neck and shoulders. This can lead to grooving or indentations in the shoulders from years of pressure by bra straps. Often, overly enlarged breasts, called Macromastia, prevent women from enjoying sports, exercise and other physical activities. Rashes frequently occur under the breasts, especially during warm summer months. Clothes can be ill fitting and there can even be psychological issues from taunting during teenage years. Breast Reduction surgery or Reduction Mammaplasty is a procedure that is designed to relieve women who suffer from these problems.

In Los Angeles Breast Reduction is a procedure that consistently ranks amongst the highest in patient satisfaction. Candidates for Breast Reduction include those women who have:

  • Excessively large breasts
  • Breasts which sag due to heaviness
  • Shoulder grooving from bra straps
  • Breasts which are disproportionately large for their body frame
  • Chronic rashes in the folds under the breasts
  • Asymmetry of breast size
  • Limitations on physical activity because of breast enlargement

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, says that Breast Reduction surgery can be performed at any age once a woman has stopped growing. This usually occurs between the ages of 18 and 20. On rare occasions a teenager may be considered a candidate for plastic surgery prior to completion of her growth phase.

The procedure is performed by removing the excess tissue from the inner, outer and central portions of the breast. Perhaps the most important aspect to accurately perform this operation occurs before surgery even begins, with careful, meticulous markings by your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Once the excess is removed the breast shape is restored by wrapping the skin and tissue from the upper portion of the breast around the lower portion. This give a woman the added benefit of having the breasts lifted to a more youthful location. The breasts are also tighter and firmer which also makes them appear more youthful. The final incision pattern is one woman must be aware of and accepting of prior to surgery. There are several different patterns that can be used but the upside down T-shape is the most common.

The future sensation of the nipples and the possibility of being able to breast-feed are concerns to many women considering Breast Reduction surgery. Dr. Lent says that here in Beverly Hills Breast Reduction can be performed using specialized techniques designed to preserve nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed. This is done by carefully preserving the connection between the nipple and its underlying nerves and blood vessels. Many of Dr. Lent's patients have gone on to breast feed their children after a Breast Reduction.

The operation is performed under full general anesthesia. Drains may be placed under the breasts at the conclusion of the procedure, to aid in the removal of any fluid build-up and are usually removed between one and three days after a Breast Reduction. Patients are instructed not to perform any exercise or heavy lifting for at least two weeks after surgery.

Breast Reduction is generally a safe procedure, but like all medical treatment, there are risks. The risks include bleeding, infection, skin or nipple injury and the risk of anesthesia. Under the care of a Board Certified Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, like Dr. Lent, every effort will be made to prevent and minimize risk to make your outcome a successful one. It is very important that smokers quit smoking and using nicotine products for at least one month before and for at least one month after surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery, (Reduction Mammaplasty) is an excellent way for women to relieve the pain and discomfort placed on the upper body by Macromastia. Woman who have undergone the procedure are usually thrilled by the freedom they now have to participate in sports and all other physical activities. Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lent, has performed hundreds of these procedures with great success.

To best understand all of your options, a full consultation with Dr. Warren Lent is recommended. For further details on each aspect of a Breast Reduction, Dr. Lent invites you to visit his collection of articles in his Breast Reduction Education Center.