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How Improve Your Skin Without Plastic Surgery

For whatever reason, plastic surgery may not be an option for you. It could be a matter of cost, or you are just not comfortable undergoing a surgical procedure. Do not worry, as there are other means of improving your skin without a facelift or plastic surgery. Though it will not have the same level of effectiveness as cosmetic surgery, you can improve your facial skin tone and repair any damage caused by aging, sun damage, or injury with laser skin resurfacing or rejuvination, Hylaform, collagen or any other injectable fillers, and Botox injections.

Injectable fillers are some of the most popular products used in non-surgical procedures. These products treat facial wrinkles and thin lips, and are not at all invasive. With these treatments, there is very little recovery time needed and you can be back on your feet and out in the world almost immediately. Hylaform is derived from a substance already found in the body hyaluronic acid. It is found in nearly all of the body's tissues such as skin, cartilage and bone. It fills the space between the collagen and elastic fibers that are the body's essential building blocks. Hylaform will hydrate the skin, fill or plump tissue to give fullness and volume, and offer a cushioning effect. The Hylaforms are injected into the upper layer, or dermis, of the skin, under the wrinkle or fold requiring treatment. The Hylaform will provide added volume to the treated area of skin by plumping the skin from the inside out to erase the wrinkle.

Hylaforms that Dr. Lent uses are Restalyne, Juvederm, Perlane and Captique. These products are all safe and FDA approved. However, there can be some risks associated with their use. These risks include swelling, redness, pain, bruising, tenderness, and red or small raised bumps. These side effects are usually very minor and will go away within a week. If they do persist, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Another injectable filler is Collagen. It is found in many of the body's natural fibers and was one of the first injectable filler used in plastic surgery. It puffs out lines and lips by acting as structural filler for the skin. Collagen can be injected into any area of the face, and is very popular when used for lip augmentation.

Botox injections relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and results can last up to four months. The injections are done into the forehead wrinkles and crow's feet at the sides of eyes, and will paralyze the muscle underneath the skin, allowing for the wrinkle to smooth out. Botox injections are relatively simple and painless procedure, and will last for about four months.

There is also laser skin resurfacing, which improves the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation around the eyes and mouth. It has increased exponentially in popularity over the past few years primarily due to the fact that it causes relatively no discomfort and no bruising or bleeding. Laser skin resurfacing removes a layer of skin so that the new skin can flourish and fill in any wrinkles or folds, and today's lasers are much gentler and safer than they have been in the past.

All of these procedures require a consultation with Dr. Lent, so if they sound like an option for you, make an appointment as soon as possible.