Options for Treating Facial Aging

As our population ages and Plastic Surgery becomes more socially acceptable, the options for the treatment of facial aging expand and the public becomes increasingly confused. The simplest way to approach the issue and remove the confusion is to carefully examine yourself and note specifically which areas you would like to see improved. Then make a list for yourself, in order of importance, as to which areas you would like treated the most. This now gives you an organized guide to begin your education into the available options. It sometimes can be useful to just start at the top of your head and work downward or visa versa. Let's start from the bottom and work our way up, as the neck is usually the area that bothers most people first.

The neck is often the site of the most common complaints. People hate the excess skin, the bands and the fatty fullness that begin to develop with the aging process. Here in the capital of Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills, Facelift and or Liposuction are good choices for treatment.

The mouth area is often beset by wrinkles, which are best treated with Laser Resurfacing. In fact, Laser Resurfacing is the treatment of choice to improve the overall skin quality of the aging or sun damaged, wrinkled facial skin. Filler products, such as Restylane, can also be excellent, although temporary solutions to this problem.

Many people overlook the nose when considering the treatment of facial aging but you should remember that the nose ages with everything else. This is particularly noticeable at the nasal tip and a Rhinoplasty should be directed at correcting this problem.

The eyes are usually the first area to show the aging process. This can be manifest as bags under the eyes, drooping upper lids and wrinkled skin of both upper and lower eyelids. A blepharoplasty, performed with the CO2 Laser, with or without Laser Resurfacing of the skin is the best option.

Facial aging in the forehead area can manifest itself as drooping brows, and wrinkles between and above the brows. The best treatments for these problems may include some combination of injectable fillers like Restylane, Botox, a Brow or Forehead Lift and Laser Resurfacing.

With the help of a highly qualified, board certified, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, you can make the right choices, that meet your specific needs.