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Choosing the correct implant size

How do I choose the size of my implant?

Choosing the correct implant size is a 'team effort' between you and your surgeon. You need to convey to your surgeon the vision you have in your mind, as to what the final size that you want your breasts to be. Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, uses multiple methods to get a sense of how much larger you want to be.

Often this discussion starts with questions about bra cup size. You will need to give your surgeon an accurate assessment of your current bra size and have some idea of how much larger you would like to be, in terms of cup size, after the breast augmentation.

Understand that all cup sizes are not created equal. Every bra company has its version of what the various cup sizes should be. Bra Company No.1 may have a very different size for a C-cup then bra Company No.2. Even within the same company, variations in style can also lead to significant variations in cup sizes. There is no industry standard for an exact measurement of what each cup size should be. All of this is very confusing, but at least it offers a starting point for the discussion between you and your surgeon. It is, however, important for you to recognize, that because of these variations, your surgeon cannot guarantee an exact final cup size.

Step two, in this decision process, is to convey to your surgeon, in a very visual way, what size you would like to be. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lent, recommends that the best way to do this, is with photographs. Bring to your consultation at least 4 or 5 photos of women whose size you like. When selecting these photos, be consistent. Attempt to select woman who are all within the same general size. The photos should all be of woman who are standing or sitting upright, and not wearing a bra or bathing suit. Playboy magazine is often a good resource for these types of pictures.

The third step in this selection process is during the examination by your surgeon. At this time, Dr. Lent, the highly respected Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, will take measurements of the width of your breasts. This allows for an objective decision to be made as to which implants would best fit your particular body. Each woman's body is unique and this technique can help to make this process customized for your special needs. Every implant has known measurements and by matching the correct implant measurements to your measurements, a custom fit is obtained.

Once all this information is gathered an optimal implant can be chosen that meets your specific needs. This process does allow some flexibility. The information obtained gives you and your surgeon a defined range of possibilities, so if you want to be larger or smaller, the option is there for you.