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The "Pocket": The Art of Breast Augmentation

What is the "pocket?"

The surgeon must create a space in which the implant is placed. That space is commonly referred to as "the Pocket." The proper creation of the pocket is the single most important aspect of the surgical procedure. This must be done precisely and with great care. The pocket should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the implant and allow it some movement, yet not too large that the implant lies in the wrong position. A well-done pocket is what can lead to a beautiful natural appearing and soft feeling breast augmentation.

Unfortunately, there are many breast augmentation mills where the procedure is done in an assembly-line fashion. In these places, the patient is often attracted by a low price, yet corners are cut to save time and money and very little effort is put into creating a proper pocket. It is the results from these "mills" that are often the source for the so called "bad breast job."

This is where the benefit of a fully trained, board certified Plastic Surgeon makes a real difference. The surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. This type of certification indicates that the doctor has shown a real commitment to his specialty and craft. As Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Warren Lent, MD says; "a properly board certified Plastic Surgeon has proven his skill and commitment to patients. This type of physician will spend the time to do the job right!"

Los Angeles breast implants surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent, often makes the following analogy; " Have you ever worn a tight pair of jeans were whatever you place in the pocket presses against your skin and is annoying? Well it is the same with breast implants. If the surgeon fails to create a large enough pocket for the implant, the breast will look and feel tight and unnatural. It will have that 'stuck-on' or 'headlight' appearance that so many people dislike. On the other hand, when you wear a loose fitting article of clothing you quickly forget whatever is in the pockets. Again, it is the same with breast implants placed in a well-designed, comfortable pocket. It will look and feel natural and the woman will quickly feel as if it is a natural part of their body."