Before Plastic Surgery: Part I

Are you considering Plastic Surgery? There are many questions to ask and choices to make before coming to a decision on having Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. 'What do I really want to achieve?' 'Are my goals realistic?' 'How do I pick a Plastic Surgeon?' 'Is it safe?'

A person considering Plastic Surgery should always start with the question of 'what do they hope to get out of it?' In Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgery patients are told that whatever they are considering having done, that it must be for themselves. They should not be having cosmetic surgery because they are being pressured by a 'significant-other', because they think they will impress someone else or because they think it will help them get a new job. They should only being undergoing a plastic surgery procedure if they believe it will improve their self-image.

A prospective patient should always have realistic goals. Plastic Surgery can make a better you but cannot turn you into someone else. Remember that your body is not clay and cannot be molded into just any shape. Your Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgeon can change your features or shape within reason based on where your body starts. Never start with the idea that you can look like someone else. If, for example, you start out by saying that you want to look like a particular celebrity or have a certain celebrity's nose, then you will almost certainly be disappointed. If your goals are realistic then Plastic Surgery can be a very uplifting and important part of bettering ones self-image.

In part II of this article we will discus the ever important issues of choosing a Plastic Surgeon and safety.