• The Right Place for Cosmetic Surgery

The Right Place for Cosmetic Surgery

Price vs. Safety? That always seems to be the bottom line question when choosing where to have cosmetic surgery. If you choose to have a procedure in a hospital, this offers the environment with the most resources should anything go wrong, but is often the most expensive and is cost prohibitive for most people. The other end of the spectrum is having a procedure in the doctor's office which, offers the lowest cost but often without full resources should anything untoward occur. Perhaps the best compromise between these two extremes is an outpatient surgery center. In Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgery is most commonly performed in freestanding surgery centers. It can be difficult for prospective patients to decide where to have their procedures, so when considering having it in an outpatient surgery center, be sure make sure that you are going to a facility that is fully accredited. There are several different accrediting organizations, with Medicare and State certification usually being the most stringent. The other question to ask is does the facility have a "Transfer Agreement" with a local hospital. This will offer patients the assurance that should a problem develop they can be immediately transferred to the local hospital where full resources are available. Here in Los Angeles, Cosmetic Surgeons should be asked about their credentials as well as the credentials of the facility where the planned procedure is to take place. Not only should your doctor be fully trained, accredited and properly board certified, but so should your surgery center.