Before Plastic Surgery: Part III - Safety

In parts I, and II of this series we discussed the importance of a healthy psychological approach to plastic surgery and the need to choose a properly board certified surgeon. In this installment we will discuss the need to have your procedure performed in a safe environment.

There are generally three types of anesthesia one can choose when having plastic surgery, the decision for which depends on the extent and anticipated pain level of the planned procedure. The first type, local anesthesia, is generally considered to be the safest method, as it does not affect the person's whole body. This method is reserved for procedures that are limited to a distinct area of the body that can easily be numbed with the injection liquid numbing agent. This method can be used for many types of procedures performed by Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons.

The other two methods, sedation and general anesthesia, which do affect the whole body, need to be performed in an accredited facility, such as an outpatient surgery center or hospital. These forms of anesthesia involve medications that put patients in various depths of sleep to prevent experiencing any pain, but can also depress the body's breathing center. In this situation careful monitoring with both proper equipment and knowledgeable, well-trained personnel are essential. Accredited facilities have undergone a rigorous review process that insure the facility has all of the proper equipment, that its personnel are well-trained and that correct procedures are in place to deal with an emergency that might arise. This tells prospective patients that the facility is committed to the highest standards of care, safety and the prevention of problems. It also assures that if problems do arise, the staff is capable of handling them in an effective manner. When considering having cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, Plastic Surgery should always occur in an accredited facility.

In Part IV of our series titled "Before Plastic Surgery", we will discuss the need for being in good health when considering elective plastic surgery.